Small Office Cleaning

Like your home, you spend many hours in your office.  You don't have time to run your business and keep your office condition at the level needed for the comfort of your visitors and for your staff.  

We use the same high quality microfiber cleaning system and top of the line HEPA vacuums for your office as we do for your home.  

Just like your residence, we work with you to customize your cleaning objective for your office. We take your requests and turn them into a checklist for our cleaning crew.  A checklist that you can review to be assured we are all on the same page every time we visit. You are able to view your cleaning checklist, add or subtract items to the list, view your charges, or email us directly. 

As a dental hygienist for 25 years, Pam encountered first hand a range of what cleaning services believed was an acceptable level of clean for her dental office.  When forced to add a basic cleaning item to their already harried Monday morning start, the staff had frustration over something they felt they had no control of.       

Staff meetings are too short and your staff are too busy for dissatisfaction of office cleaning to occur.  Let your comments take up our staff meeting time, not yours.  Every office is provided with their customized care page that links your office with ours.  All messages sent  go directly to our management.  You have our promise that any dissatisfaction in any area of our service will have our immediate attention and any needed corrections made.  

Our company is licensed, bonded, & insured including worker's compensation. Proof of insurance is happily provided upon request. All of our employees pass national background checks, drug screening, and reference checks. All employees sign confidentiality agreements upon hiring ensuring your privacy as well as ours.

Schedule us to clean daily, twice weekly, weekly, monthly, or any other frequency you would like. Call us at 541-554-7922 or email to schedule a free cleaning estimate today!