Residential Cleaning

If cleaning your home feels like a burden, has become overwhelming, or is taking precious time away from doing what you love to do, it's time to contact Top of the Class Clean.

While you're enjoying life, you can trust us to professionally clean and sanitize your home for you.  We know at Top of the Class Clean that cleaning protects and maintains the value of your home.  A clean home feels better, smells better, and creates a healthier environment.  

Over 40 pounds of allergens, even more with pets, enter a typical home each year. Within that 40+ pounds are millions of dust mites adding to the allergen load. At Top of the Class Clean we have chosen to use products that remove allergens without adding any. We offer a high grade microfiber cleaning system that produces no fumes or vapors and leaves surfaces residue free. For particularly tough areas we have a few non harsh products we utilize sparingly. Our vacuums are among the strongest on the market and equipped with high grade HEPA filtration. Our product choices give you a guarantee that we are taking all those allergens with us after every visit.

Many cleaning companies will offer you different levels of cleaning packages.  At Top of the Class Clean we only know how to provide you with our unsurpassed superior service every time we visit.  Our goal is to have you say, “Wow” each and every time we clean for you. 

Our teams follow a detailed checklist that you can customize for your home to ensure that they are on the same page with each other and with you. While you are at work or out enjoying life, you can entrust that with their excellent attention to detail, our crews at Top of the Class Clean are striving to give your home the same effort and loving care that you would.  

Our employees pass a through and detailed background check, so you can rest and feel comfortable knowing your home is in good hands.  So enjoy your day at work or take time during the weekend to enjoy a family activity knowing you and your family will be coming home to a clean and sanitized home environment. Start doing more for you today!